Heading to Europe this Summer? These Swim Shorts Need to Go in Your Suitcase!

Whether you like relaxing on sun-drenched beaches or would rather check out the attractive sightseeing opportunities, Europe is a great place for a winter getaway. 

But, of course, you’ll be in full summer mode over there, so you need some awesome swim shorts to take along.

Head to the Beach and Then the Bar with These Swim Shorts

While the weather might be chilly in June, you know summer isn’t too far away. So, rather than wait until it’s too late, why not get your hands on a great pair of swim shorts today?

Swim Short Trends to Jump on in 2022

Even if the warm weather has taken a little break for now, before you know it, the sun will be shining, and the beach will be calling. So, do you want to be seen in your daggy old swim shorts for another summer, or are you ready t jump on some new trends?

ORTC Swim Shorts Are Where It’s At

How hard is it to find a great pair of swim shorts that look cool, hold their shape, dry easily and are also made in s sustainable way? Well, it’s actually pretty easy if you shop at ORTC! We’ve got amazing swim shorts galore.

Swim Shorts You Won’t Want to Take Off!

Nowadays, swim shorts are not meant to be worn just at the beach. They should also double as regular shorts. That is why you need to choose premium quality, fashionable swim shorts. 

The History of Male Swimwear: From Speedos to Swim Shorts

From the old days of Speedos to modern swim shorts, we’ve definitely seen an evolution in our beach and pool clothing over the years. Thankfully, swim shorts are now more than just something to hit the beach in.

ORTC is a Sustainable Swimwear Brand You Need to Know About

Sustainability in fashion is a big deal at ORTC because we recognise that we can make a difference. For example, our swim shorts are all 100% recycled polyester, and they’re still as comfortable and fashionable as ever.

Extend the Life of Your Swim Shorts with Our Care Guide

When you buy great swim shorts, you don’t want just to replace them next year. So, you must take proper care when mashing and drying to ensure they last as long as possible. Here’s our swim shorts care guide.

Trend Alert: Why You Need Patterned Swim Shorts

Swim shorts shouldn’t be boring. If you’re at the beach, having a great time, why not let your clothes show it? Summer 2021 is the time for patterns and colours to rise again, and swim shorts are just the beginning.

The Swim Short Length Debate

There are two schools of thought when it comes to men’s swim shorts. You either love them long or you think they should be short. So, where do you sit in this argument? We discuss this debate in more detail.

Swim Shorts That Will Take You from The Pool to The Party!

If you're hanging out at the pool but don't want to go home before hitting an evening party, what are your options? You either carry a bag full of different clothes or do the smart thing and get your hands on some ORTC swim shorts!

Swim Short Styles Perfect for the Summer Season!

With warmer months approaching, swim shorts will be a huge part of the everyday wardrobe of Australian men. 

When choosing the perfect pair, look for high-quality, versatile pieces that will last for seasons to come. ORTC’s passion for affordable men’s fashion places us at the forefront of the industry. Read on to find out just how to choose your ideal pair of swim shorts for this summer.