The Swim Short Length Debate 

Many debates have raged throughout history, but we wonder if there’s ever been anything more divisive than the perfect length of swim shorts. Cast your mind back to the 1980s, when the traditional speedo was all over beaches across the nation. Then, we didn’t need to worry about the length of swim shorts because they weren’t much of a thing. 

Perhaps because swim shorts are still a relatively new concept (in a historical sense), that’s why we’re still split on whether they should be short or long. In this article, we’re going to discuss this detail and try to find a clear answer. 

Ultra-short Swim Trunks 

Ultra-short swim trunks have enjoyed a bit of a resurgence in popularity in recent times. But let’s be honest. They’re just speedos in larger form. That’s not to say they don’t have their benefits. 

Comfort is the main one because you can get more coverage, and you hardly even know the shorts are there. Still, unless you’re a finely chiselled specimen of a human, you may not look great wearing skin-tight, short swim trunks. 

Standard Board Shorts 

Probably the most popular style of swimming shorts is the standard board short style. This discussion is all about length, but we should mention that board shorts come in various styles and materials, so you’ve got plenty of options. 

On the positive side for board shorts is their length, which could be described as mid-length. Most board shorts sit around the knees, perhaps a touch above. So, they’re still quite comfortable, without being so short that you feel a bit like a 1980s footballer. 

On the negative side, you naturally sacrifice a little bit of freedom of movement compared to shorter swim trunks. However, most fashion-conscious people prefer this type of mid-length design. 

Extra-long Shorts

Finally, we’ve got extra long shorts. Shorts started getting long in the 90s, both in casual wear and swim shorts. We’ve all seen these shorts hanging down well below the knee and sometimes as far as the ankle. 

We’re all about looking on the bright side, so we’ll find something positive to say about this style. Extra-long shorts do give optimum sun protection without the need for much sunscreen.

That being said, unless you’re a skateboarder in the 1990s, there’s probably no reason to have extra-long swimming shorts in your wardrobe. They’re heavier, make it harder to swim, and honestly, just don’t look good. 

What’s Practical for You? 

So, we’re pretty settled on swim shorts, ideally being around knee-length. Enough to provide comfort and coverage without making you feel like an underwear model. However, ultimately, it’s all about what you feel best in. 

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