Original Refined Timeless Classics.

These words embody our commitment to delivering products that are original in design, refined in craftsmanship and possess a timeless appeal. We are an ever-evolving Australian lifestyle label dedicated to creating timeless garments made to last and transcend generations.


Established in 2016, ORTC was founded on an admiration of classic, quality design, and a vision to create timeless, ever lasting lifestyle pieces.


Our clean silhouettes and neutral colour palette create effortless, generational garments constructed from premium natural and recycled fabrics. Our garments are sophisticated, yet relaxed, our inspiration is derived from classic styles and a neutral colour palette. Quality is at the heart of our design ethos.


In our journey toward a more sustainable future, we recognise that whilst the road ahead is long, every step forward is a step in the right direction.

Community & Collaboration

At ORTC Clothing Co. we are passionate about our people and our communities, which is why we are supporting various causes through unique collaborations with the common goal to constantly give back.