Swim Short Trends to Jump on in 2022

Even if the warm weather has taken a little break for now, before you know it, the sun will be shining, and the beach will be calling. So, do you want to be seen in your daggy old swim shorts for another summer, or are you ready to jump on some new trends? 

ORTC stocks a huge range of swim shorts in different designs, so there’s something for everybody. Made from recycled polyester, they’re also good for the environment and don’t lose shape like other shorts. So when you buy ORTC, you’re investing in your style! 

Something colourful 

Do you love having a little bit of colour in your swim shorts? How about a lot of colours? Well, we’ve got options for everybody. Colourful shorts swim shorts have been in style for a long time now, ever since the days of classic board shorts. Well, we’ve stepped things up from the old style of board shorts, but our colourful designs stay true to this timeless style. 

In addition to our cool floral designs and Hawaiian styles, you can also get your hands on our new designs by TIFF, such as These Days and Golden Tides. Both styles offer plenty of colour in a swirling, artistic design. 

Classic and cool 

Not everybody likes a loud pair of swim shorts, and that’s okay too! We’ve got so many classic designs that you won’t know which one to choose. For example, our Burleigh line features classic dots, and our manly line has a traditional pinstripe look. In addition, you can find wavy designs, all types of stripes and even checks. 

So, if you want an understated look this summer, go for one of our classic swim shorts designs. The best thing is, you can wear them anywhere and not feel out of place. 

Grab a nautical look 

We love nautical designs here at ORTC, so you know we will roll out a few nautical-themed swim shorts! One of our most popular designs is the Portsea, featuring thick stripes in blue and white, which have a nautical feel. 

If you want to delve deeper into the theme, you can find some striped shorts covered in small images of whales, which is a super-cool look for summer. 

Indigenous designs 

Finally, we can’t forget our unique Indigenous designs, which are extremely popular. This artwork is perfect for a summery clothing item, and we love how they look. Check out our Bush Tucker Dreaming design or our Ngarrindjeri Dreaming line that captures beautiful Aboriginal artwork in shorts form! 

Check out our range of swim shorts today 

All ORTC swim shorts are manufactured to extremely high standards, and we’re very particular about the materials we use. For example, recycled polyester reduces our carbon footprint, but it also dries easily and looks great. So, when you’re looking for the hottest sim shorts trends this summer, there’s nowhere else you need to go. 

Come in and check out our great range today. If you’d like to buy online, simply shop now, and get ready to hit the beach with ORTC.

November 21, 2023