With warmer weather fast approaching, it’s time again to get your swim shorts ready for sunny days spent at the beach. No longer content to throw on any old pair of shorts, the men’s swimwear market has exploded in recent years and only looks to get bigger. 

If you’re looking to choose a new pair of swim shorts for this summer, it’s time to up your game – and ORTC is here to help! 

What Makes A Perfect Pair Of Swim Shorts? 

As with anything fashion-related, choosing a pair of swim shorts comes down to personal taste and style. However, a few factors take your shorts from ordinary to extraordinary.

Here are our guidelines for choosing a great pair of swim shorts that will stand the test of sunbathing, duck-diving the waves or simply hanging out with your friends.

Fun Patterns 

One thing that comes with warm weather is the explosion of bright colours and unique patterns! 

Everything seems to get a little more colourful during the summer months, from clothing to underwear. So if you’re not normally a bright colours kind of guy, swim shorts are the perfect way to add a little spice to your wardrobe. 

Choose from bold stripes, zig-zags and even polka dots to make your summer fit a little more interesting. 

Just remember – just because you love a pair of bright green shorts doesn’t mean that they’ll necessarily love you too! 

Comfy Fit 

With long days spent poolside or at the beach, you want to make sure that your swim shorts fit correctly and comfortably. Shorts that don’t fit properly can fall, dig in or even cause the dreaded ‘inner thigh rub.’ So when choosing a pair of swim shorts, make sure that you go for something that not only looks great but also fits like a dream – you’ll thank yourself later. 

Right Length 

Just like regular shorts, you want your swim shorts to be a good length for your body – a pair that flaps around the knees or doubles as a pair of underwear isn’t a good look on anyone. 

Instead, aim for something that comes in about three inches above the knee and sits quite slim to the leg for the most flattering length. 

High-Quality Materials 

One of the top considerations for a pair of swim shorts is the quality of the materials. Swim shorts with quick-dry properties, thick fabric and high-quality elastic in the waist will not only look great but also last you for seasons to come. 

Versatile Choice 

The perfect pair of swim shorts can be worn from the beach straight to lunch. 

Choose a pair that can double as non-swim shorts, and you can take them to cocktail hour paired with a nice shirt without a worry – it’s almost like two for the price of one! 

Choose The Perfect Pair Of Swim Shorts This Summer! 

With so many choices for this summer, picking just one pair of swim shorts can be overwhelming. 

At ORTC, we have a passion for quality, timeless men’s fashion and believe that the right piece can elevate everyday wardrobes in any scenario. 

If you want to browse our extensive range of men’s swim shorts or simply want to have a chat about what we have to offer, contact us today.