Heading to Europe this Summer? These Swim Shorts Need to Go in Your Suitcase! 

The Australian winter is already biting hard, with many people feeling like it’s one of the coldest we’ve had for some time.

So, when the weather isn’t great at home, what do you do? The world has opened up again, so it’s time to think about some overseas travel. 

Whether you like relaxing on sun-drenched beaches or would rather check out the attractive sightseeing opportunities, Europe is a great place for a winter getaway. 

But, of course, you’ll be in full summer mode over there, so you need some awesome swim shorts to take along. 

Chose your favourite design 

ORTC has a big selection of colours and patterns for you to choose from. Everybody has different tastes, so check out the range to see what you like. 

There are some great nautical themes with bold blue and white stripes. You can also find dots and other types of striped shorts for a classic, understated look. But if you want some more colour, we can do that too! 

Check out our indigenous artwork designs or some of our floral and Hawaiian patterns to give your holiday outfit a touch of colour! 

Versatile swim shorts 

If you’re on holiday, you don’t want to pack many clothes. It wastes luggage space and makes it harder to get around. So, you want items of clothing that you can wear anywhere. 

ORTC’s swim shorts look great at the beach but are also perfectly suitable as casual shorts. You can be at the beach one moment and wear the same shorts to the bar later that night. Easy! 

Recycled polyester is perfect for travelling

When you’re going on holiday, you need clothes that are easy to maintain and manage. That’s just one of the reasons our recycled polyester shorts are perfect for your overseas vacation. 

Recycled polyester dries easily, meaning you won’t have to worry about not having your shorts available because they’re still wet. 

It also holds its shape incredibly well, so even if you don’t have access to a laundromat or washing machine for a couple of days, they’ll still look great while enjoying the sun and surf in exotic European locations. 

Maximum comfort every day 

ORTC’s shorts are made from premium materials, and we take great pride in our manufacturing processes. 

The result for our customers is a pair of comfortable swim shorts no matter what you’re doing. 

So for hiking to a remote location or just kicking back by the resort pool, you’ll be relaxed and comfortable in your high-quality ORTC swim shorts. 

Check out our range of swim shorts today

ORTC takes great pride in delivering high-quality swim shorts that last for ages. So rather than buying cheap throwaway items on holiday, get the good stuff before you go. 

That way, you can come back and know that you’ve got a terrific pair of shorts as the Aussie weather heats up again. 

You can check out our cool range of shorts in-store, or if you’d like to buy online, shop now and get ready to hit the beach with ORTC.