The Euro summer is when we spend most of our day outdoors rather than indoors. The beach is one place we all love to be. However, something as small as our clothing on the beach can affect the fun and exciting experience we aim to have.

This is why you should look for swim shorts that promise and deliver a high-quality experience.

Luckily, this article can help, as it suggests a buzzing new season swim short from one of Adelaide's best vendors, ORTC. It also outlines what you stand to gain when you choose these new season swim shorts for your Euro summer.

Why Choose Our New Season Swim Shorts for Your Euro Summer

As mentioned earlier, what you wear can influence the fun and excitement you imagine while outdoors this summer. Hence, to enjoy the best outdoor experience this summer, you should opt for our New Season Swim Shorts. Here are some of the benefits of these swim shorts:

Various Designs

Our new collection of swim shorts has styles suitable for any event where wearing shorts is appropriate. 

The designs also exist in different prints and styles, so you can easily find a pattern that suits you. This is because, no matter where in Europe you go, you can discover the perfect pair of beach shorts to complement your European summer.

High resistance

Many external factors can harm your swimming performance. For this reason, it's preferable to wear swim shorts resistant to the damaging effects of chlorine, salt water, and the sun. 

Some of these factors include chlorine and ultraviolet rays from the sun. Hence, the swim shorts you choose for your Euro summer should boast high resistance to chlorine and ultraviolet rays. These new season swim shorts boast the resistance you need. 

You can rest assured that your swim shorts will maintain their peak performance for longer than ever, thanks to their resistance to chlorine and other common performance-robbing elements. 

Minimises drag

Swimming is among the various activities you will engage in to spice up your European summer. Hence, it is only ideal to want swim shorts that give you an advantage when swimming. 

Professional swimmers also look for this quality in their swim shorts because it allows them to enjoy the swim and bolsters their chances when swimming. In addition, the strokes and strides in the swimming pool generate much drag, so when a swim short gives an advantage, it reduces the drag caused when swimming. 

Hence, you get an edge with new season swim shorts, designed to minimise drag when swimming.


High-quality construction is another plus for new-season swim shorts. These new season swim shorts are everything you want in swim shorts, as they allow you to enjoy the whole experience of your Euro summer. You can access these swim shorts by clicking here.