The beach is the best place to let loose. Therefore, you should choose swim shorts that help you bring out the fun side of your personality. Boring, dull swim shorts' colours and designs have no place on the beach. We wear these colours for work or other formal events most of the year anyway. 

At ortc Clothing Co., we always choose timeless designs for our swim shorts and craft them with high quality to last. Classic designs should not be boring. On the contrary, they make our swim shorts look classier and never go out of style. 

Our swim shorts aren't simply for wearing in the water. We chose a quick-drying fabric and versatile designs to make these swim shorts stylish on and off the beach. Here are some of the reasons why our swim shorts are a must-have:

Feel the Holidays Vibe

The beach is the perfect opportunity to explore colours and prints. However, the trend of swim shorts with bold prints usually has a short life. That is why you need to choose swim shorts with timeless designs. 

Our unique swim shorts collection offers attractive, classic designs. For example, we present the classic gingham check swim shorts design with a modern twist. 

To keep the style interesting, we used a trendy pink colour for the gingham check and added embroidered anchors. 

Stylish and Practical

Your swim shorts are undoubtedly the star of your beach outfit. That is why you need to choose swim shorts that are stylish and flattering. 

However, remember, you will spend time in and out of the water in these swim shorts. Therefore, the swim shorts should also feel comfortable to wear while swimming, walking, and sitting. 

We chose the mid-length for our swim shorts design. This length is the most flattering to all body types. It is also more comfortable to swim in than longer baggy swim shorts. 

Compared to speedos, mid-length swim shorts are more appropriate to wear out of the water.

Our swim shorts' internal delicate mesh briefs will provide you the support and coverage you need. You will not need to wear anything underneath our swim shorts. The elastic waistband with drawstring will also keep your swim shorts in place.

Comfort In and Outside the Water

Choosing comfortable swim shorts will make a world of difference. You need to be able to move and swim comfortably in your swim shorts. 

For your comfort, we crafted swim shorts that are not too tight or loose. They are just the perfect fit. 

We also chose recycled polyester as our swim shorts fabric. This material is not just quick drying. It also makes the swim shorts feel lighter and perform better in the water. 

Don't let your sense of fashion drown in the water. Order your stylish swim shorts now!