Socks Don't Have to be Boring...Check These Styles Out! 

Have you noticed a bit of a shift in sock styles lately? That's because people are sick of plain, boring black socks. For casual occasions and even in the workplace, the world is now deciding that socks don't have to be boring! 

If you love showing a bit of flair on your feet, ORTC has plenty of patterned socks available to suit any taste. So whether you want bold stripes and spots, or something much more understated, you can still have plenty of fun with your socks this year. 


Do you like having a bit of a nautical theme in your clothing? Whether you love boating or just enjoy the beach, seagulls are a great representation of the Aussie beach life. We may get a little annoyed by them stealing our chips, but they look cool on a nice pair of socks! 


Sticking with a somewhat nautical theme, whales are also a good representation of the ocean. Plus, they just look super-cool. We've got some excellent socks adorned with tiny images of whales, and you can even find a few different colour combinations. 

If these giants of the deep aren't quite to your liking, there are also some nice socks with fish images so you can stick with a nautical style. 

Something sporty! 

Do you have an obsession with a certain sport? You're constantly trying to get your golf handicap down, or maybe you're a weekend cricket tragic? Well, don't hide away those passions anymore. We've got cool socks to represent plenty of different sports, such as racehorses, cricket bats/balls, footballs, soccer balls, tennis rackets, etc. 


The Gingham range is quite popular here at ORTC, and while it's not sporty or nautical in any way, it's still an awesome design. Basically, it looks like a picnic blanket, and you can get some different colours such as red and white or green and white. If you like checks, it's a great way to put some colour into your outfit without going over the top. 

Show some footy pride 

If you love supporting your favourite AFL team, but you can't get away with wearing a proper pair of footy socks to the office, why not just grab some smart business socks with the striped colours of your team? We've got all the favourites available, and it's a great way to show some support without looking like, well, a bit of a yobbo! So stay classy and show your colours with simple, patterned footy colour socks. 

Put your best foot forward with patterned socks from ORTC 

No matter what your own personal style is, you're bound to find some cool patterned socks to match. Here at ORTC, we offer so many different patterns, so we're sure you'll find something you love. In addition to the ones highlighted above, you can find everything from kangaroos to stars. 

If it's time to let your personality shine through in your socks, look no further than ORTC! Check out ORTC's range of patterned socks today.