Choosing the perfect gift can be one of the hardest parts of the holiday season. While you may have stuck your nose up at socks as a kid, these useful accessories are one of the best presents you can give to your loved ones this Christmas.

From funky patterns to stylish dress socks, there is something for everyone – read on to learn just how to give the perfect pair to your family and friends this festive season. 

Choosing the Perfect Pair of Socks 

Is one of the great things about socks as a gift? Everyone needs them! Comfortable, versatile and necessary, these underrated clothing items often fly under the radar when it comes to gift ideas. While clothing can be hit-and-miss, everyone uses socks, and a good pair can not only elevate an outfit but give your loved one a chance to show off their style. 

Here’s ORTC’s guide to choosing the perfect pair of socks for all of the special people in your life. 

For Your Stylish Sibling 

There’s something undeniably fun about a funky pair of socks, and your style-conscious sibling will agree. 

From bold colour-blocking to classic pinstripes, a pair of socks suit all styles and personalities. To choose the perfect pair of socks, consider your sibling’s style before buying. 

A bright, fun pair like our navy and white polka dot socks not only complements neutral shades but adds a fun pop of colour that will be sure to put a smile on your recipient’s face. 

For Your Funky Dad 

Just because your dad’s jokes might be lame doesn’t mean his socks have to be! Stepping away from cargo shorts and sandals, many older men are now looking for fun accessories and clothing to showcase their personalities. 

Whether your father is rocking jeans and a pullover in cooler months or shorts and sneakers during summer, a cool pair of socks is a great gift idea for the coolest man in your life. 

If your dad wants to branch out but isn’t quite ready for something colourful, check out a neutral design like the classic grey and navy dachshund design – perfect for every season! 

For Your Fun-Loving Friends 

More and more young people are embracing the power of the statement accessory! Whether it’s paired with a suit or a more casual shorts-and-sneakers look, a bold pair of socks can make anyone smile. But, if your friends are a little more out there, these blue and white daisy socks are the perfect finishing touch to any summer look. 

For those who work in an office, a pair of funky bold patterned stripes add a unique bit of spice to any suit without detracting from their professional aesthetic. 

Give the Gift of Socks With ORTC! 

At ORTC, we are huge fans of giving fun, high-quality gifts that your loved ones will not only cherish but use!

Unisex, comfortable and oh-so-useful, a pair of patterned socks are the perfect gift for friends, family and Kris Kringles, bound to make anyone smile. 

Check out our extensive range of socks for men, women and kids – all of your giftings are sorted!