How to Style Your New Quarter Zip Jumper! 

Many years ago, quarter-zip jumpers burst onto the fashion scene and disappeared. But now, they’re back, and they look better than ever, provided you know how to style them correctly. 

There’s every chance your dad still rocks a quarter zip regularly, but the modern versions look a lot trendier. Plus, you don’t even need a bunch of other expensive clothes to go with them. So here’s everything you need to know about looking great in your quarter zip. 

Simple white t-shirts are the best 

If you’ve chosen a dark quarter zip jumper, such as the extremely popular navy blue version, then the best thing you can pair it with is a plain white t-shirt. For a comfortable, casual look, you’ll want the zip of your humper pulled down, and the contrast of a crisp white tee against the navy jumper is extremely stylish. 

Comparatively, if you choose a lighter jumper, try to offset it with a darker t-shirt. It’s that easy to look great in a quarter zip! 

Don’t try for too much colour 

Colour is your enemy when wearing a quarter zip because you’re going for a smart, casual look. While you can certainly wear them with shorts, it’s probably not a great idea to pair them with bright board shorts. Instead, keep your colour matching simple and understated, and you’ll easily pull off a cool casual look. 

Wearing quarter-zip jumpers at work 

While often considered a casual item, there’s no reason you can’t wear quarter zips to work. Depending on your dress code in the workplace, you can look very respectable in a neat pair of jeans or chinos and new quarter zip. Of course, if your job is more suit and tie, it might not work. But even with that being said, if you don’t wear a blazer with your shirt and trousers, plain, stylish quarter zip is a nice replacement. 

The perfect casual look for any season 

The great thing about quarter zips is they’re great in any season. Even in summer, the nights can get cold. So, if you’ve got some nice dress shorts, you can still rock your quarter zip jumper if it’s a bit chilly. Then in winter, they give you enough protection from the cold that you don’t need much else. 

Whatever the season, if you want a classy, casual yet neat and tidy look, you can do a lot worse than a quarter zip jumper. 

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November 21, 2023