How to Care For Your Swim Shorts

Have you ever owned a pair of swim shorts you love, but they wear out, tear or lose their appeal too soon? While some of this is due to the original quality of the shorts, there are things you can do to make them last longer. 

ORTC's swim shorts are made from premium materials with the highest manufacturing standards. We check on our manufacturing processes regularly to ensure quality. However, there are a few types of unnecessary damage that will ruin even the best pair of shorts. 

Here are some tips for making your favourite swim shorts last longer.

Lower the heat

One of the first things to consider when washing your swim shorts is the water temperature. Polyester, in general, doesn't cope too well with heat above 40 degrees, so it's best to wash in warm or cold water wherever possible. 

Fortunately, recycled polyester is a little bit more resistant to heat, so your ORTC swim shorts can handle it. But to make them last longer, why take the risk? Wash in warm water, and save some cash on your energy usage! 

Protective garment bags

Once upon a time, you really only used garment washing bags for delicate items. But if you've got any type of clothing you love and want to preserve, they're a great idea. Protective garment bags are relatively inexpensive, and using them doesn't add much time to your laundry routine. 

Simple throw your shorts in the bag and put the bag in the machine as normal. The added benefit is that garment washing bags can prevent microplastics from getting back into the water supply. 

Air dry, but not in direct sun

Recycled polyester dries quite easily, so you should never need to use a clothes dryer for them. Clothes dryers are typically a bad idea for most types of clothing, as the extreme heat and thrashing around inside the tub can cause materials to shrink or simply be damaged faster. 

To avoid this, try to air dry your swim shorts where possible. If that means hanging them on the washing line, that's ok. However, an air dryer out of direct sunlight is best. This may prevent the premature fading of colours. 

Wash regularly

Finally, putting your clothes through more washing cycles may seem counterproductive. However, it's best to wash it regularly when it comes to recycled polyester. This is because polyester and sweat aren't a good combination. Sweat can stain if left unwashed, so try to wash the shorts after use. If you're on holiday, even a quick handwash can help to keep those sweat stains at bay. 

Check out our range of swim shorts today

Fortunately, even if you don't follow the tips above, our recycled polyester swim shorts should still last longer than many other varieties on the market. They're made to withstand heat well and dry easily, which makes them much easier to care for. Plus, they look awesome! 

Come in and check out our great range today. If you'd like to buy online, simply shop now, and get ready to hit the beach with ORTC.