The style of many people just gets lost at sea. Yes, the beach has relaxing, cool vibes. However, that does not mean you can get away with true fashion crimes. That is why you need to choose your swim shorts carefully. 

Styling swim shorts can be tricky. You have a limited amount of fabric and tailoring details to play with. For a start, you need to choose stylish swim shorts. 

Long-board shorts are out of fashion. So is speedo-style swimwear that leaves nothing to the imagination. Now, the beach scene is all about well-tailored, mid-length swim shorts. 

You cannot go wrong with our trendy collection of mid-length swim shorts. They are the right length, fit, and quality. Here are some easy tips that will help you style our new season swim shorts:

Colour Coordinate

You are at the beach or pool. It is time to have some fun. So, ditch the boring single-coloured swim shorts and get something more adventurous. Our selection of swim shorts comes in astonishing, eye-catching patterns, like florals. We also offer more classic styles, like stripes. 

Whatever colours you choose for your swim shorts, you must coordinate the rest of your outfit accordingly. For example, the top must be plain if you choose colourful swim shorts with a busy pattern. 

Otherwise, your entire outfit will feel crowded. Also, the top's colour must match or complement the colours of your swim shorts. 

Dress Your Swim Shorts Up or Down

Our swim shorts offer the ultimate smart-casual style. You can easily dress them up with a button-down shirt. However, a cotton or linen shirt will lift the entire outfit and give your swim shorts a smart look. This style is perfect for an afternoon outing or a family dinner. 

Changing the top will quickly make your swim shorts look more casual. Next, pair your swim shorts with a t-shirt or a polo shirt. This will give your outfit a more laid-back vibe.

If there is a chill, you can throw on a lightweight jacket. Finally, wear a linen blazer with your swim shorts for a more formal look. 

Do Not Forget Footwear

Finish off the look by choosing footwear that complements your outfit. For example, sliders are just good for the beach. You can pair your swim shorts with leather sandals, espadrilles, loafers, or sneakers. 

It does not matter which style you choose for your swim shorts. Ultimately, wearing your swim shorts with confidence is an essential aspect. At ortc, we sell quality swim shorts that look stylish and stand the test of time. 

Our swim shorts are made from a quick-drying material to transfer from the water to dry land conveniently. With internal delicate mesh briefs, our swim shorts will provide you the support and coverage you need.

Look and feel more stylish this season. Order your swim shorts now!