From Day to Night: How to Dress Up a Quarter-Zip

Many people might shudder at the thought of quarter zips, but we can assure you they are back in a big way. 

Fashion always tends to cycle around, and it wasn’t too long ago that these items were hot property. 

For them to come back so quickly tells us that people love the versatility and functionality, but something went wrong with the style. 

Well, in Spring 2021, quarter zips have been reinvented, and they look a lot better than they used to. So, as a guide, we’re going to tell you how they can be worn from day to night without too much change. 

What are quarter zips?

Quarter zips burst onto the scene in the noughties, but they pretty quickly moved into the realm of ‘dad-wear’. 

In general, that means they’ve always been functional but not necessarily fashionable. So instead, it’s a jumper with a zip extending down to around mid-chest, allowing you to stay warm but have a more relaxed and casual look. 

Unfortunately, the first era of quarter zips featured a lot of items that were too heavy. So, while they provided some warmth, they were too close to a jacket. The modern versions are lighter, more versatile, and a lot trendier. 

Wearing quarter zips during the day

One of the great things about quarter zips is the ability to wear them everywhere. They’re versatile items that look fine as casual wear but won’t look out of place in a smart-casual setting. If you’re wearing a quarter zip during the day, you can be a bit less fussy with the rest of your outfit. They even don’t look bad with a pair of shorts if you want to go that casual. 

Dressing up for the evening

Quarter zips are known as transition item. This has two meanings, So instead. 

First, they’re great for changing seasons from winter to spring, when it’s not cold enough for heavy jackets but not warm enough to go uncovered. But they also transition well from day tonight. 

You can wear them out to dinner or other social events simply by changing the rest of your outfit. For example, a nice pair of jeans always goes well with quarter zips or other smart-casual pants/trousers of your choice. 

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Quarter zips are no longer just those things you find in your dad’s wardrobe. Instead, they’re back in a big way, and part of that is because they’re a great transitional item of clothing. 

From the warm to cold months and back again, they give you a smart-casual fashion option that keeps you warm. 

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November 21, 2023