Why You Should Invest in Patterned Socks! 

You might have seen some more interesting socks on display recently. In your workplace, patterned socks are back in a big way out on the street. Unlike decades past when patterned socks needed to be bright, colourful and loud, today’s patterned socks are much cooler. 

From small images of sports gear to stylish checks and dots, there’s something to suit every taste. Here are just some reasons you should consider adding patterned socks to your wardrobe today. 

Show your modern style. 

To put it simply, funky socks are back in style, so if you like to keep up with the latest trends, you’ll need some patterned socks. Whether you wear them under your work trousers or with a pair of shorts on the weekend, you’ll be showing all of your friends the way it comes to fashion. 

For a modern style that doesn’t break the bank, you’ll love our range of ORTC patterned socks! 

Choose your unique look. 

Everybody wants to feel individual, even if you like sticking to popular trends. It’s always good to add some of your personality to your look, and patterned socks let you do that. 

For example, you might choose dots or stripes for maximum impact. Or, if you enjoy a certain type of sport, you can get socks with sporty images all over them. You can even show your love of animals with some funky animal socks. 

Whatever your unique style is, embrace it with your silly socks! 

Patterned socks look great with shorts. 

One of the best ways to wear patterned socks is with shorts. So if you love wearing shorts for as much of the year as possible, you can be sure that our patterned socks will look great with your outfit. 

You can even pull them up to show off the cool designs you choose because it’s back in style to pull those socks up. So for shorts lovers, patterned socks are your perfect accessory. 

Add some flair to your work outfit. 

Work outfits don’t need to be stale and boring. Sure, you may not want enormous neon tube socks under your work trousers, but you can still show a little bit of flair. Patterned socks let you add some personality to your look without going overboard or looking unprofessional. 

Remember, patterned socks don’t need to be super-bright to have an impact. They can be subtle and look great with your everyday work clothes. 

Put your best foot forward with patterned socks from ORTC. 

If you don’t already own some patterned socks, now is the time to check out our incredible range. We’ve got a bunch of unique patterns to match your personality. 

Whether you want sports colours, nautical patterns, cute animal images or something else, we’ve got something to suit every taste. 

Pair your socks with a work suit, or go casual with your summer shorts. You can bring it with a pair of stylish partnered socks, whatever your style. Check out ORTC’s range of patterned socks today.