The No-Show Sock Trend: Dos and Don'ts 

For many years, people have been wearing ankle socks, especially athletes. It’s a great way to keep your feet comfortable and protected without having massive socks running halfway up your leg. But, no, you can go one step further with no-show socks. 

No-show socks are even smaller and cover the bottoms of your feet without encroaching past the shoe line. So, if you’re the type of person who avoids socks because you don’t like their look, here are some ways you can change that for good.

Why Are Socks Important? 

Socks are essential for several reasons, but let’s talk about hygiene reasons first. The foot has around 250,000 sweat glands. Yes, you read that right. No matter what you do, your feet are almost more likely to sweat than any other part of the body. 

If you wear shoes, this further compounds the problem because your feet are warm and sweaty. This leads to unpleasant smelling feet, and it causes your shoes to stink too. So, every time you wear them, your feet will smell almost instantly because the shoes aren’t clean. 

That’s reason two: Without socks, you ruin your shoes. There’s no escaping the fact that feet sweat. Your shoes will end up smelling bad, and the interior can also be compromised. You’ll even find that your sweat destroys the glue holding your inner sole in place, meaning it will come out with your foot every time you wear those shoes without socks.

Do: Wear No-show Socks With All Types Of Shoes 

This one is simple. If you don’t like having socks on display, get yourself some no-show socks. They’ll cover the bottom and side of your foot without sticking out over your shoes. This will protect the inside of your shoe, keep your feet and shoes smelling better, and be overall more hygienic.

Don’t: Decide There’s Not Much Difference Between No Socks And No-show Socks 

No-show socks are pretty thin. You hardly even know you’re wearing them. But that’s no reason to assume it doesn’t matter much whether you wear them or not. Socks are there for a reason, so this is a fashion win if you can get a pair that nobody can see.

Do: Choose High-quality Socks That Last 

When buying no-show socks, always look for high-quality materials. Not only will they handle the sweat and moisture more effectively, but also they’ll last longer, which saves you money in the long run.

Don’t: Put Fashion Above Hygiene 

Finally, don’t put fashion above hygiene! When buying no-show socks, make sure you get multiple pairs, so some are always on standby. There’s nothing wrong with being fashionable, but don’t diminish your hygiene for it. People may love how you look, but they won’t want to be close to you if you take your shoes off!

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