Socks to Spice up Your 9-5

Socks can be so boring. We’re not denying it. It’s why socks are so often that last-minute gift when you can’t think of anything else. Functional, of course, but a pretty uninspiring gift choice. That is unless you choose some of the cool patterned socks from ORTC. 

Work outfits can get a little stale, so if you want to dress up your look, why not start with patterned socks? Don’t worry, there are no neon tube socks like in the 80s. These are just some stylish, fun and interesting designs that everybody can enjoy. 

All your favourite animals

Do you have a favourite furry friend? Maybe you’re more into marine animals. Whatever animals you love, you’re bound to find them in the ORTC patterned sock collection. The great thing is that none of the images are too overbearing. Our socks feature small images spread evenly over them, so they still have a bit of fun and flair without being too much on the eye. 

Choose from stacks of great designs, including kangaroos, whales, seagulls, flamingos, dachies and many more! 

Show off your weekend hobbies

There’s nothing wrong with showing off some of your weekend passions in the workplace, and one way to do it is with patterned socks. So whether you’re a weekend warrior on the cricket or footy field, or if you just love heading out to catch some fish, there’s a sock design to suit you. 

From little images of golf clubs and racehorses to tennis rackets and yachts, you can always find something that shows your colleagues a little bit of your personality. 

Keeping it classy

While we’ve talked about some interesting designs so far, you also might need to scale back on the colour for the workplace. But that doesn’t mean you need to return to the old black socks you’ve worn for years. Instead, check out some classic pattern designs in the ORTC range. 

You can find coloured stripes, polka dots, checks and even zig-zag designs to ensure that you bring a bit of life to your outfit without going overboard. 

A fun and playful look

Most importantly, ORTC’s patterned socks are all about giving yourself a playful look. Your socks are hidden most of the time, except when you sit down in full view of people. So, having a bit of colour in your socks is a great way to have some fun with your look without risking a breach of your dress code. 

Put your best foot forward with patterned socks from ORTC

If you’re sick of wearing the same old thing to work every day, why not spice it up with patterned socks? They won’t be visible all the time, but they can add a touch of colour and style to your look without being overbearing. 

ORTC’s range of patterned socks is designed to give everybody something they can enjoy. From little images of sports gear to your favourite animals, there’s always a chance to let your personality shine with ORTC socks. Check out ORTC’s range of patterned socks today.

November 21, 2023