2021 Sock Dilemma: Pulled Up or Down? 

Ah, socks. Most people love them for their comfort and extra warmth. But the biggest question people struggle with is whether to pull them up or leave them down. 

Now, many types of socks can only be worn down, such as no-show socks or ankle socks. But when they’re a bit longer, what’s the current fashion advice? It seems to change frequently, so we’re going to help you keep up with the latest trends.

It Depends On The Type Of Socks 

Perhaps the most important thing to remember is that it really depends on the socks. And more so, the accompanying outfit and the look you’re going for. 

Fashion has recently been quite inspired by the fact that many of us have been locked down for periods, and it’s a term called ‘quarantine fashion’. 

Basically, there’s a lot more focus on comfort rather than eye-catching style. This is why big slouch socks are seeing a resurgence. 

So, with slouch socks, the whole idea is to have them rolled down, but with other socks, the choice isn’t always so clear. 

Sports socks are usually worn down, especially as many don’t give you the choice. However, for a US inspired athletic look, pulling your socks up is well and truly back in fashion.

When To Wear Socks Down 

You should wear socks down when the sock requires it, essentially. Slouch socks are one. You can find slight variations of slouch socks too, that are worn over stockings or leggings, and these are often rolled at least halfway down. 

When it comes to guys, there aren’t any hard and fast rules, and it depends on the sock. However, it’s usually the thicker, heavier socks that you should roll down, particularly with boots.

When To Pull Your Socks Up 

Socks up is becoming more and more fashionable again. The rise in knee-high socks exemplifies this. 

You can pull athletic socks up again without looking weird, and in fact, it’s probably more common to have them up than down in 2021. 

Dress socks are also perfectly fine to pull up, but it’s best to do this with mid-length socks. Too far up the leg, and they look a little out of place with most outfits.

Cheat With Long Pants 

One way to cheat the fashion system altogether is with long pants! However, many long pants these days leave a bit of room at the bottom of the leg, rather than hanging over your shoes. 

So, if your socks are exposed by your trousers, wearing them up is usually a smarter look. Plus, you get a little extra warmth in the colder months!

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What does the way you wear your socks say about you? Well, it probably doesn’t say anything too deep and meaningful, but it probably gives an indication of whether you know how to put together a fashionable outfit. Whether you wear socks up or down, we don’t mind. 

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