Nowadays, swim shorts are not meant to be worn just at the beach. The quality and style of swim shorts have significantly evolved over the past years. That is why modern swim shorts can be worn almost anywhere. You just need to choose suitable swim shorts and style them correctly. 

At ortc Clothing Co., We are an Australian lifestyle brand. Our goal is to craft timeless fashion pieces that are made to last. That is why quality and style are at the heart of our swim shorts' design and manufacturing process. 

All our swim shorts are designed to be transitional. They look stylish and feel comfortable in and out of the water. Here are some of the features that make our swim shorts wearable almost everywhere you go:

Classic Patterns With a Modern Twist

A lust for the Australian coast inspired the patterns and colours of our swim shorts collection. We have combined this with our admiration for timeless fashion. That is why the designs of our swim shorts will never go out of style. 

We specialise in classic prints and patterns, like the timeless white and navy striped swim shorts. However, our swim shorts collection includes more modern designs, like floral prints. All these designs can be effortlessly styled up or down, so you can wear your swim shorts anywhere.  

Quick Drying Fabric

Our swim shorts are 100 percent recycled polyester to help you seamlessly transition from the water to dry land. This material is not just eco-friendly and comfortable. It is also one of the best quick-drying materials. 

You will not need to wait long when you get out of the water. Your swim shorts will be dry and ready to take you to your next stop. They will look just like regular shorts.

Flattering Fit 

There is no room for error when it comes to swim shorts fit. Your swim shorts must fit you perfectly. Otherwise, you might lose them in the water. 

The swim shorts should not also feel too tight. This will limit your movement and make you feel uncomfortable. Our swim shorts come with an elastic waistband with a drawstring to achieve the perfect fit.

To complement all body types, our swim shorts are mid-length. They are not too long like outdated surf shorts, and not too short like speedos. 

Mid-length swim shorts are flattering to all lengths and shapes. They are also suitable for wearing to various places, like bars and restaurants. 

Comfort and Support

You should wear these swim shorts all day and night in the summer. This is why the designers of these swim shorts chose to offer plenty of comfort and support.

Our swim shorts' internal delicate mesh briefs will give you the coverage and support you need. They will keep everything in place, both in water and on land. 

Upgrade your wardrobes with stylish, classy swim shorts. Place your order now!