Swim Shorts He'll Love! 

If you're buying swim shorts for a loved one, friend or family member, look no further than ORTC. Whether it's a gift or you want the males in your life to look great, ORTC stocks a huge range of awesome swim shorts. 

Here at ORTC, we take great pride in how our shorts are manufactured because we believe in giving our customers products that last. It's also one of the reasons we use recycled polyester for all of our swim shorts. 

So, when it's time to sort out some new clothes for the man in your life, here are some reasons why ORTC makes the swim shorts he'll love. 

The best materials 

We use recycled polyester for our swim shorts for various reasons. Firstly, the material dries easily, which is important if you're going from the beach to where you don't want to be dripping wet. Polyester also holds its shape well and can withstand plenty of heat, so you don't have to worry about your shorts getting damaged in the wash. 

We take pride in using high-quality materials and making fashion items that last. So don't waste money on throwaway clothes that only last for one summer, because ours will keep you looking great for years! 

We believe in quality manufacturing 

For the same reason, we're fussy about materials, and we're also serious about maintaining high manufacturing standards. That means we put extra emphasis on quality control, but it also means we manufacture ethically. Reducing water waste and ensuring good work conditions are very important to us. 

The result is a high-quality product that won't fall apart after a few wears. We believe great value comes from delivering quality products that last, rather than selling cheap and nasty clothes that will be in the bin next summer. 

Designs that everyone can enjoy 

Have you seen the great designs on offer from ORTC? There's something for everybody's tastes, so if you're buying for someone else, you get to decide how they will look this summer! You can find many different styles, such as horizontal or vertical stripes, with different strip thicknesses. Some look quite nautical, while others have a more casual look. 

You can also find some cool designs, such as floral patterns and our much-loved Indigenous artwork designs. We bring together classic sophistication and modern style to offer shorts that everybody can enjoy. Check out the range and find a pair he'll love! 

Check out our range of swim shorts today 

If you've got a special someone for who you'd like to buy a gift this year, look no further than ORTC's range of swim shorts. Even though the warm weather is almost over, people still need swim shorts, whether it's for pool parties or holidays overseas. So we've got a huge selection to keep everybody happy. 

Made from recycled polyester, our shorts are comfortable, look great, and are good for the environment. So if you'd like to buy online, simply shop now, and get ready to hit the beach with ORTC.

March 03, 2022