There is no better way to celebrate the summer than matching your swim shorts with your mini-me. However, you can still maintain style, functionality, and comfort. So, if you are looking for matching swim shorts that offer all that, look no further. 

At ORTC, we are an Australian-based clothing and lifestyle label. Our brand embraces the sophisticated, timeless fashion that represents that laid-back Australian lifestyle. So your search for the ultimate father-son matching swim shorts will be over with us. 

Here are some of the reasons that set our swim shorts apart from any others: 


Even if you are not into this matchy-matchy style, you want to take advantage of these swim shorts. These are the most fashionable father-son swim shorts on the market. They also look incredibly cute. 

The mid-length and modern slim-fit cut make our swim shorts flattering for all body types. Both of you will effortlessly look cool in these swim shorts. To suit all tastes, our swim shorts come in a wide variety of eye-catching colours and fresh prints. 

Our swim shorts have a cool, elegant design with two side pockets and a rear button-up pocket. You can wear them inside and outside the water. The pockets can also serve as your son's safe spot to carry all the rocks and shells he collects on the beach. 


You still need to get matching father-son swim shorts if you're going to settle for cheap, low-quality products. Refrain from letting the fun prints and attractive colours distract you. When it comes to swimming shorts, you should focus on style and functionality. 

All our swim shorts are both stylish and made of premium quality. They are made from exceptional quality, quick-drying material. So, you can easily go from the beach to the restaurant or spend the night with friends. 

Your son can also enjoy getting in and out of the water without discomfort. They can play in the sand without worrying; they will bring sandy, salty water back into the house. 

The internal fine mesh briefs in our swim shorts will give you the support you need. You will not need to wear anything underneath the swim shorts. It will also protect your son from developing any rashes or irritations. 


All our swim shorts feature an elastic waistband with a drawstring. You can tighten or loosen the drawstring to accommodate the rapid changes in your kid's size. To suit all sizes, our swim shorts are available in various sizes for both adults and kids. 

So neither you nor your son has to sacrifice the fit or comfort of your swim shorts.

Bond with your son this summer over matching swim shorts styles. Place your order now!