Swim shorts are no longer just for wearing at the beach. Modern swim shorts double as regular shorts. You can wear them all day and night. Choose quality, tailored swim shorts to make you look trendy and stylish. 

At ORTC, we are a lifestyle brand. That is why we offer swim shorts that are both fashionable and functional. Our mid-length swim shorts are not too long or too short. They provide the perfect length and comfort for on and off-the-beach outings. 

You might think swim shorts are difficult to style with so little fabric. But that is not the case at all. On the contrary, our swim shorts offer plenty of room for creative styling. You can quickly put together a look that brings out your personality. 

Here are some tips to help you style your swim shorts:

Casual Laid-Back Look

The mid-length of our swim shorts complements all body types. In addition, our swim shorts look trendy and stylish with almost all kinds of tops. From tees or polos to linen shirts, you can easily pair our swim shorts with about any summer top.

Features like pockets and stylish waistbands make our swim shorts look like regular ones. Just pair them with any t-shirt you want, and you will have a trendy casual look. 

Throw in a cool linen shirt to dress the swim shorts up. This outfit is suitable to wear for dinner or an evening out. 

Spice It Up with Colours and Prints

Swim shorts are a great way to show your fun side. Whether at the beach or a pool party, do not be shy about going bolder with the style of your swim shorts. 

To help you find the perfect swim shorts, we offer plenty of colours and prints. From classic stripes to tropical prints, you will find swim shorts that suit your character. 

Be careful not to go overboard with the colours and prints of your swim shorts. The rule of thumb is to wear plain tops with printed swim shorts. On the other hand, if the swim shorts are plain, spice up the look with colourful tops.

Do Not Neglect Footwear

On the beach, almost any footwear goes, from flip-flops to slip-ons. However, choose suitable shoes if you take your swim shorts on some ‘dry land’ adventures. 

It all depends on the kind of activity you are doing. For example, trainers or sneakers will be great if you are going to play sports or go for a walk in your swim shorts. 

At ORTC, we do not just offer trendy swim shorts. Check out our t-shirts and linen shirt collections to complete the look. 

Take your summer style to the next level with our swim shorts. Place your order now!