The expectations for your swim shorts are getting higher and higher. Nowadays, swim shorts are not just worn in the water. You can spend your whole day in them. That's why you need to buy swim shorts that are both fashionable and durable. 

In the summer heat, you need swim shorts that are comfortable to swim and move in. In addition, the swim shorts must look good and stylish. Do these exist? We will help you choose the best swim shorts to enhance your summer. 

Here are some tips on what to look for in swim shorts: 


Mid-length swim shorts are the most popular in men's swimwear. This is because they are the stars of every beach. After all, the cut and style of these swim shorts are flattering to all body types. 

You can also wear these swim shorts on the beach and in the city. That is why you need to choose swim shorts that are not only stylish. They should also be comfortable enough for you to move around in them all day. 

For maximum comfort and support, choose swim shorts with inner mesh briefs. This is a critical criterion when evaluating swim shorts. The last thing you want on the beach is to wear transparent swim shorts. 

Without an inner lining, you must wear something underneath your swim shorts. This will feel uncomfortable, especially when you are swimming. 


Unlike other pieces of clothing, the material of your swim shorts will go through a lot. So, it should be made of a light material that dries quickly and lets you swim comfortably. Your swim shorts' fabric should also endure the harsh sun, chlorine, salty water, and much more. 

Polyester swim shorts will provide you with the flexibility, comfort, and durability you are looking for.

Colours and Patterns 

Boldly patterned, brightly coloured swim shorts tend to look more fashion-forward. Even if you do not regularly wear these colours, the summer gives you the perfect opportunity to try them. It would be ideal for wearing swim shorts, putting you in the holiday spirit. 

Dare to try bold patterns and more cheerful colours. Floral, sailor, and striped-patterned swim shorts are very trendy this summer. At ORTC, we offer the perfect collection of swim shorts. 

You will find different colours and patterns to suit your taste. With internal fine mesh briefs, you can count on our swim shorts to give you the support and protection you need. All our mid-length swim shorts are made of recycled polyester. 

They will provide you with the comfort you are looking for in the summer. Using recycled polyester is also a part of our slow fashion approach. 

Turn heads this summer with our fashionable, premium-quality swim shorts. Order now!