Have you ever worn out your swim shorts too soon? We feel you. This could be due to the garments needing better quality from the start. However, in many cases, it can also be because you care for the clothes incorrectly. That is why learning how to care for your swim shorts is essential. 

At ORTC, we use only premium materials and meet high manufacturing standards for all our swim shorts. That is how we ensure our swim shorts stand the test of time. Still, not following the proper care instructions can cause unnecessary damage to your swim shorts. 

Here are a few tips to help you make your ORTC swim shorts last longer:

Rinse Well After Use

The salt, sand, and sun are perfect for a fun day at the beach. Unfortunately, salty water and sand can ruin swim shorts. Give your swim shorts a thorough rinse after spending the day at the beach. 

You should not soak your swim shorts. Instead, just give them a quick rinse under running cold water. This way, you will ensure that any sand or salt residues get completely washed off. 

Use Cold Water

All the polyester in our swim shorts comes from 100% recycled materials. The production of polyester from recycled materials reduces pollution. It uses less energy and water than virgin polyester. In addition, manufacturing swim shorts from recycled polyester produces less harmful emissions. 

That does not mean we compromise on quality. On the other hand, our recycled polyester is just as strong and has the same good qualities as virgin polyester. Unfortunately, all kinds of polyester do not cope well with heat. That is why you should never wash your swim shorts in water warmer than 40 degrees. You should not iron our swim trunks, either.

Handwash Gently

Our swim shorts have an elastic waist, a drawstring, and fine mesh briefs. That is why they should be gently hand-washed in cold water. The swim shorts' fine mesh or stretchy waistband can be damaged if rubbed vigorously. If you are going to use a detergent, use a mild one. There is no need to use harsh chemicals like bleach. They can do serious damage to the colour and fabric of your swim shorts. 

Do Not Tumble Dry

We only use quick-drying materials in our swim shorts. That means they would dry quickly even if your swim trunks were soaked. Avoid the tumble dryer. Let your swim shorts dry in the air. This will prevent the swim shorts' colours from fading.

Enjoy swim shorts that will stand the test of time. Order now!

November 21, 2023