Finally, it is safe to enjoy the beaches here and overseas. You need the right swim shorts to maximise your summer vacation. Most men do not pay much attention to what they wear on the beach. However, swim shorts can make or break your entire summer trip. 

Uncomfortable, out-of-style swim shorts make enjoying the water or a day by the pool harder.  

With ORTC, you do not need to worry about finding a good pair of swim shorts. We have been mastering the art of swimwear for years. That is why our swim shorts collection is both trendy and practical. 

You can ditch your other swimming and non-swimming trousers in favour of these. You can wear your fashionable pool shorts as everyday attire for your summer vacation.

Here are some of the reasons why our swim shorts are a summer wardrobe must-have: 

Classy Designs

It does not matter how much you weigh or how tall you are. Our swim shorts complement all body types. The mid-length swim shorts are foolproof. They are short enough to keep you comfortable in the water. 

At the same time, our swim shorts are also long enough to make you feel confident at outings or summer parties. 

Every guy should have at least one of our swim shorts. Our swim shorts come in various colours, patterns, and prints to suit all tastes and styles. So we have the perfect swim shorts for every style and every occasion. 

All our swim shorts designs have that European vibe of being chic and effortlessly cool at the same time. 

If you long for the dreamy beaches of Saint-Tropez or the Italian Riviera, you need classic swim shorts. Our striped swim shorts will be the perfect match for you. 

They come in traditional navy and white colours. We also have a collection of striped swim shorts with a more modern twist. 

Luxury and Comfort

European summers are all about sun, luxury, and comfort. With our swim shorts, you will not need to choose between class and convenience. We use recycled polyester exclusively for all of our bathing shorts.

This durable, quick-drying material allows you to go from swimming to nightlife without missing a beat. 

The internal fine mesh briefs inside our swim shorts will provide you with all the support and coverage you need. You will be comfortable enough wearing our swim shorts alone, without underwear. 

Quality You Can Rely On

The right pair of swim shorts should not just look classy and trendy. It should also be durable to accommodate all your summer adventures. 

To guarantee the quality of our swim shorts, we work extremely closely with our manufacturers and suppliers. We always ensure they use fabrics of the highest quality and durability. 

Step up your swim shorts game. Check out our swim shorts collection now.

November 21, 2023