Keep Your Feet Warm and Stylish with ORTC Socks. 

The importance of socks in our dressing cannot be stressed enough, but surprisingly, not many recognize its importance; thus, it is one of the most underrated items. The opinion of socks being underrated is popular because many feel that this attire is not as pronounced as trousers, tops, or hats; thus, there is little to no need to pay attention to it. 

Only a few recognize and value the role socks play in our attire.

Socks are as essential as shoes and clothes. So, our choice of socks can influence our appearance and general health. How? Not everyone understands that there are various sock types and that these varieties exist because of the independent functions socks perform. 

The existence of these varieties and their functions is a valid proof of why many need to start paying attention to the importance and role of socks in enhancing our lives (through our appearance, health, and more). This article will explain these reasons by outlining the various types of socks and their uses, and also suggest where to find these socks. 

Types of Socks Available Today 

As mentioned earlier, many share the opinion that socks perform one function, “keep the feet warm.” This is true, but not the whole truth. The various types of socks best explain how partial that statement is. They include:

  1. Casual socks: The idea behind casual dressing is to keep it simple and convenient, irrespective of how classy the attire may look; thus, a range of sock designs are classified as casual styles. They complement any casual outfit while keeping the feet protected.
  2. Formal socks: Formal attire has this vibe of “meaning business” or “appearing serious and focused”; thus, you would not want a sock that contradicts these notions. Hence, it is essential to wear socks that are ideal for the occasion. These socks are designed with premium soft fabrics and have subtle colours and patterns; the idea is to provide day-long comfort, as some formal jobs or meetings can keep you occupied for long hours.
  3. Sports socks: Some may think, “You can use any socks for sporting activities.” Remember, there is an idea behind every sock design or type; other sock types cannot withstand the intensity of sporting activities while offering the protection and comfort the feet need. Sport socks are designed to have high resistance, padding that protects particular areas on or around the feet, and moisture-wicking properties for dry feet.
  4. Thermal socks: As the name implies, the design of these socks is conditioned by the changing weather and the demands. For example: in the rainy season, you will need to have your feet warm and dry; in the winter, you need to keep your feet warm to prevent freezing. Hence, there is a design for the changing seasons.
  5. Medical socks: Keeping the feet warm is “a benefit” of socks but not “the benefit” because there are more benefits. It is designed from the understanding that specific medical conditions demand specific needs to keep the patient healthy. For example, diabetic patients need socks that do not exert pressure on their feet, thereby reducing pain. There are many more medical socks for various medical needs.


After reading the above details, the question on your mind may be, “Where to find these kinds of socks?”. Look no further; ORTC understands these needs and provides you with the luxury of designs to choose from, with the primary focus being “keeping the feet warm and stylish.”

August 04, 2022