Even in warmer weather, we still need something to keep us warm on those cooler nights. However, you’re not going to want a heavy, bulky jacket. That’s where quarter zips come in! While they may have disappeared from the fashion world for a little while, quarter-zip jumpers are back, and they’re more popular than ever. 

Rather than the somewhat daggy ‘dad fashion designs of the past, quarter zips are now a lot more stylish, with many of them even being quite lightweight. So, you get the benefit of warmth with the constricting feeling of a large jacket. Here are some of the reasons why quarter zips are the hottest must-have item this year. 

Great for Those Chilly Nights 

No matter where you live, even summer nights can get a bit chilly from time to time. Quarter zips are the perfect solution because they act as a jumper, giving you some protection from the cold evening air, but they don’t feel heavy like a jacket. You can wear them comfortably without getting too hot, so they’re the perfect transitional item when seasons change. 

Suitable for All Occasions 

Do you ever feel a bit of a loss when heading out for the evening and don’t know what to wear? Generally, it’s because you know an event isn’t formal enough to throw on a suit or jacket, but it’s a little bit more formal than jeans and a t-shirt. Well, quarter zips are here to save the day. 

Because quarter-zip jumpers only show a little of what you’re wearing underneath, they’re a great option for those smart-casual occasions. You can wear that t-shirt you love, and it will still look great because only the neckline will be visible. Plus, the jumper itself looks stylish enough to wear with jeans no matter what the occasion. For those work drinks at the end of the week, quarter zips are perfect! 

They Look Good With Anything 

When you want a jumper that seems to go with anything, you can’t go past quarter zips. The casual style of the open neckline gives it an effortless look so that you can wear them on casual occasions with jeans. You could even wear them with a pair of shorts if you’re the type who loves shorts all year round but wants a bit of warmth up top. 

On the other hand, they look just as good with more formal clothing, such as dress pants or chinos, if you’re going for more of a semi-formal or smart-casual look. 

Check Out Our Range of Quarter-Zip Jumpers Today 

If you love the quarter-zip style, or even if you’ve never tried them before, now is the time to check them out. They’re such a great clothing item that you can wear all year round, and the new stylish design is a leap ahead of the older daggy versions your dad wears! 

For a versatile, fashionable and seriously on-trend piece of clothing, you can’t go past the quarter zip jumper. Shop now, and get your hands on the latest quarter-zip jumpers made for style and comfort.

April 06, 2022