Quarter Zips Are In! Here's How to Wear Them

There's no denying that quarter zips are back in a big way. As the weather cools, we all want something comfortable and versatile to wear. Big jackets are great, but they're not always super comfortable. The much better alternative is a quarter zip jacket. 

When wearing quarter zips, less is often more. So, if you love easy fashion that's durable, reliable and always looks great, you can do a lot worse than the awesome range of ORTC quarter zips. Here's how to wear them for maximum effect. 

The classic white t-shirt

Perhaps the easiest way to look amazing in fashion history. If you have a plain white t-shirt, a nice pair of jeans and a solid-colour quarter-zip jacket, you can look like you've stepped right out of a catalogue. Dark blue quarter zips look great with a white t-shirt because you can open up the zip and let the colour contrast show through. You can even get away with having a strip of white t-shirt showing at the bottom too. 

This is an incredibly easy look to pull off, so if you like to look great but don't enjoy putting a lot of effort into your outfits, it's hard to go wrong with the white tee/quarter zip combo. 

Jeans, chinos and more

The beauty of quarter zips is that they look great with almost any kind of pants. So whether you wear jeans, chinos, track pants or any other variation, chances are you'll still look great. So really it's just about getting your colour combinations right. 

You can go two ways. If it's a casual, sporty look, you can get away with matching the colour of your quarter zip jumper with your track pants. However, for a more smart-casual look, it's better to have some contrast. It's pretty easy to see what goes together and what doesn't, so make sure your colours are sorted out! 

Wear them with shorts

The same goes for shorts. But, again, it's more about the colour rather than the style of shorts. Quarter-zip jumpers look great with shorts because even though they're a reasonably classy jumpers, they're certainly not formal. So, if you're the type who loves wearing shorts for most of the year, you can easily pull off a combo with a nice quarter zip jumper. 

Add some colour

If you want a quarter zip jumper more on the streetwear side of things than the smart-casual side, check out some of our different colours. Lighter colours like yellow, washed red, ivory, and grey gives you a more casual look without sacrificing comfort. 

Check out our range of quarter zips today

When you want versatile fashion, there's nothing better than quarter zips. Wear them at the end of summer, the start of spring and even in the depths of winter. Not only will you be warm, but you'll look great at the same time. ORTC has a huge range of quarter zips for men and women, made from premium materials that won't leave you out in the cold. 

If you want to see why people are falling in love with quarter zips again, check out our range. Shop now, and get your hands on the latest quarter-zip jumpers made for style and comfort.