How to Style Your Quarter-Zip Jumper 

So, you’ve realised that quarter-zip jumpers are back in style, and you’re keen to get your hands on one. But, first, you’ll need to know how to style your quarter zip for the best effect. Don’t worry! The ORTC team is here to help! 

You’ve probably made fun of your dad’s fashion choices in the past because he wears an old quarter-zip completely the wrong way. So, now is your time to shine and show him how people should do it. Of course, it helps that ORTC’s quarter zips are way more stylish than the old ones! 

Keeping it casual 

Quarter zips are probably the best when worn casually. They look great with shorts, which is rare for jumpers. Hoodies and quarter zips are the only warm top items you can wear with shorts because anything else looks too bulky and out of place. 

So, while the weather is still good enough for shorts, throw a quarter zip on to give your look an injection of class while staying completely comfortable. 

Quarter zips for a night out 

Just because they’re a casual clothing item doesn’t mean they’re off-limits in other situations. For example, quarter zips can look great for a night out to dinner or drinks with friends. As long as you get your colour matching right, you won’t look out of place wearing jeans or trousers with your quarter zip. 

If you want to add a little flair or colour, wear a brighter, bold-coloured t-shirt underneath. That will show through around the neckline, and you’ll be ready to party! 

Styling for work 

Unless you have a super-strict dress code for work, you can definitely wear a quarter zip. But, of course, many people who work in air-conditioned environments are quite happy going jacket-less while working. But the morning and evening commute can be hell without some sort of coverage. 

Rather than bulky jackets that make you uncomfortable, wear your quarter zip jumper over your work clothes. You’ll be warm, and even better, it will even feel a bit less like a workday! 

A simple, stylish look 

You don’t need to be super-casual, nor do you need to be overly formal. With a quarter zip jumper, you can look stylish without going overboard. So when somebody says ‘smart casual’ or ‘neat casual’, our quarter zips are perfect. 

Try pairing one with a simple pair of jeans or chinos, and wear a plain white t-shirt underneath. Trust us – you’ll thank us later. This extremely easy and cost-effective look oozes class and style. 

Check out our range of quarter zips today 

See how versatile they are? Quarter-zip jumpers are the perfect transitional item. Wear them between seasons when it’s too hot for bulky jackets, but you need some warmth. Best of all, you’re going to look stylish and on-trend because quarter zips are back in a big way. 

From the beach to the bar, you can wear a quarter zip jumper practically anywhere. Shop now, and get your hands on the latest quarter-zip jumpers made for style and comfort.