Have You Added Quarter-zip Jumpers to Your Collection Yet?

When seasons change, so do our clothing needs. That’s why quarter-zip jumpers are so popular as a transitional item. They’re not too bulky, but they’ll keep you warm no matter what time of year it is. 

The funny thing is, not too long ago; quarter zips had disappeared from shelves, confined only to the closets of suburban dads who still loved rocking them for every occasion. But, fast forward to 2022, and quarter zips are back in a big way. 

No longer daggy dad-wear, quarter zips are versatile, trendy, and worn anywhere. Here’s why you need to add one to your wardrobe today. 

Simple Casual Designs 

While many fashion choices are made to stand out from the crowd, that’s not what quarter-zip jumpers are about. Instead, the simple designs and colours on offer make them suitable for all occasions, which means you get more use out of your clothing. 

Whether it’s a plain colour or a simple design with a stripe or logo, quarter-zip jumpers won’t attract too much attention. But you’ll be warm and comfortable. 

Perfect for Changing Seasons 

So many clothing items in our wardrobes today are only suitable for one season. So first, we have cold weather clothes, and then we have summer clothes. However, when the warm weather start disappearing, we need items of clothing that keep us warm without being too bulky and heavy. 

Similarly, we want to cast away those heavy jackets when winter moves into spring, but it’s not quite time for shorts and t-shirts. 

That’s where quarter-zip jumpers come in as the perfect seasonal transition item. You can wear them all year round without being uncomfortable, even on those mild summer nights. 

Wear Them for All Occasions 

Do you struggle to find clothing that you can wear for many different occasions? For example, there aren’t many clothing items you could wear while strolling along the beach and out to dinner of an evening. Quarter zips, however, give you exactly that. 

Pair them with a fresh white shirt underneath and a pair of jeans, and you’re ready for a night out. Alternatively, throw one on with a pair of shorts to head for a morning stroll. So versatile! 

Maximum Comfort 

Quarter-zip jumpers aren’t made from heavy, restrictive materials, unlike many winter clothes. Instead, the soft material and comfortable designs mean you can relax and feel great while wearing them. 

Many jackets out there make it too hard to do anything. You feel like you can barely move in them, which is why quarter zips are a much better option. A soft, comfortable feel and freedom of movement are just two reasons we love quarter zips. 

Check Out Our Range of Quarter-zip Jumpers Today 

If you’re a fashion-forward guy looking for something that keeps you warm on those cold nights without feeling like you’re wrapped in a huge winter jacket, quarter-zip jumpers are for you. 

ORTC stocks a great range of quarter zip jumpers in various colours and designs, meaning there’s something for everyone. Shop now, and get your hands on the latest quarter-zip jumpers made for style and comfort.